We are creators, producers and distributors of original leather shoes for the whole country. We design custom footwear and place orders wholesale and retail.



It began in 1984, when, at the age of 17, Don Nelson Arias Rodríguez arrived in Guayaquil from the province of Azuay, Guachapala Canton, in order to work and study. This is how he started working in a shoe factory in the city of Guayaquil as a planter officer, that is, putting together shoes.

Time later I would enter the faculty of Industrial Engineering at the University of Guayaquil, where I learned everything about the manufacture of footwear. Soon it would be dedicated to the commerce, beginning like shoe salesman, crossing some provinces of the Ecuador. It was here when Don Nelson became more interested in the business of selling footwear.

In 1994 he was fired as a salesman and looking for a way to move forward with his passion and with all the experience gained he thought of a revolutionary idea, making his own shoes. With the support of some of his former colleagues from the factory where he worked, he began to manufacture footwear inspired by classic models of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, among others.

This is how our brand D’Aron was born, a name based on the initials of our founder: (A) Arias (R) Rodríguez (ON) Nelson. After years of perseverance, perseverance and quality footwear, we have gained a place in the market with unique models and styles available throughout the country.

However, despite the positioning obtained, we continue to innovate day by day looking for new ideas to meet the new demands of the market, fashions and trends. Currently we bet on the interaction with the client to offer a unique, personalized and quality footwear in order to leave satisfied all our customers.